Garden tours

In our Daylily garden you can see and buy varieties of world-famous daylily breeders, as well as varieties selected by the garden owner V. Baņģieris.
In total, in our garden you can see and buy more than 1000 different varieties of daylilies!
Since 2002. our garden has been a favourite tour place not only for gardeners or individual travellers, but also tourist groups. During the blooming season, our garden is visited by about 1500-2000 people. The largest number of visitors in one day was during the 2017 Flower Friends meeting when the garden was visited by about 700 people from all Latvia.
Prices per plant range from 2 EUR up to 160 EUR. It is possible to buy plant sets at favorable prices! You can also purchase daylily shrubs for great prices which are beneficial for those flower lovers who want to enjoy a flower full bloom next year or need a larger amount of seedlings.
The Daylily garden is open for visits during blooming season – july and august, every day from 9:00 to 19:00. In the garden everyone can find something for his personal taste.
Garden tour price is 1 EUR (Free for children)

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