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In our Daylily garden you can see and buy varieties of world-famous daylily breeders, such as T.Petit, P. Stamile, J. Kinnebrew, as well as varieties selected by the garden owner V. Baņģieris. Both in the garden and on the website, we offer only our seedlings, thus ensuring high plant quality and assurance that buyers will receive the best seedlings that meet Latvia’s climatic conditions. In total, in our garden you can see and buy more than 1000 different varieties of daylilies!
Most of the daylilies we grow can be found in Latvia – in private gardens, as well as in city parks, for example, in Ventspils, Ogre, Likteņdārzs and elsewhere. But in general, our flowers can be found almost all over Europe – in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway and other countries!

The garden is freely available to visitors every day from 9.00 to 19.00 during the daylily blooming period in July and August. The garden is a popular excursion place not only for flower lovers or individual travelers but also for tourist groups. During the blooming season, our garden is visited by about 1500-2000 people. The largest number of visitors in one day was during the 2017 Flower Friends meeting when the garden was visited by about 700 people from all Latvia.
Prices per plant range from 2 EUR up to 160 EUR. It is possible to buy plant sets at favorable prices! You can also purchase daylily shrubs for great prices which are beneficial for those flower lovers who want to enjoy a flower full bloom next year or need a larger amount of seedlings. Seedling trade permit – our grown seedlings are included in the register of the State Plant Protection Service (Register No. 3205109, registration certificate).


Brief description of daylilies (Hemerocallis)

Wild daylilies species were already known to our grandmothers, but the hybrids obtained as a result of selection have acquired many characteristics that wild species do not have. Modern varieties have relatively large flowers of different shapes and colors (up to 20-30 cm in diameter), curled, serrated and bubbled petals of different color ranges, drawings of different shapes and colors on the petals. Examples are flowers with 8 petals (usually 6), double-fowered flowers and petal edges with gold and diamond luster. The flowers are found in almost all colors of the rainbow! So far, the world has not been able to select flowers in blue and snow white!

The seedlings are well suited to Latvia’s growing conditions, tolerate frost and snow well, it is not necessary to cover them. However, care must be taken with varieties that are imported from warmer countries, because not all of them are suitable for Latvian conditions! There are varieties that bloom glamorously, for example, in the USA, but in Latvia the flower can bloom in completely different colors, or the number of flowers can vary, even the shape of the flowers.

Daylily seedlings are not particularly demanding of the soil, but they need the sun (the more the better)!

Each daylily blossom blooms only for one day, but the next day new buds open, because there are 10 to 20 buds in each raceme, but in the bush there are several stems. Some varieties bloom up to 2 times a year, such as Shelton Hollyday, Alternative Universs, Song writter, etc.

Daylilies are an ideal flower in the garden of a busy person, as none of the existing winter-hardy sorts are not so modest concerning the soil, tendance, place choice and climate; they are not substantially affected by insects and endangered by illnesses. These flowers can grow in one place for 10 and more years.

Visitors of our Daylily Garden, who visit the garden in July and August, are usually very surprised by the variety of daylily flowers and the dizzying beauty.

Some tips for growing daylilies:

1. Daylilies are a sun-loving plant, so try to plant them in a sunny place.
2. Daylilies need a dry place to grow.
3. Seedlings should be planted not too deep. It is best to try to plant at the depth they have grown.
4. As the daylilies will form a bush as they grow, it is necessary to reserve enough space for them (recommended distance between the daylilies is 50 cm)
5. Daylilies are undemanding to the soil, but poor soil needs to be improved, and in the spring it is recommended to enrich the soil with complex fertilizers with low nitrogen content.

You can read more about the cultivation and agrotechnics of daylilies in the book called Dienlilijas published by the publisher Zvaigzne ABC in 2009.

Gift cards

Delight yourself and your loved ones by purchasing our Gift Cards! You can buy Gift Cards by filling in the Gift Card Questionnaire online, in our garden or at our stand at off-site sales. We will send gift cards purchased on the Internet to you by post to the address specified by you. The gift card is valid for 9 months from the date of purchase and can be used to purchase daylily seedlings online, on site in the garden or in off-site shopping.

Garden tours

We invite tourist groups and individual travellers (more than 5 people) to apply in advance for a daylily garden visit in July and August! Along with a tour of the garden, we also offer wine tasting of the home winery “Vējkalnietis”! In July and August, the garden tour costs 1 EUR (free for children).

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